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February 19: So long Youppi ... hello Bernie!

  • Posted on: 19 February 2008
  • By: Michelle

Three years after the demise of my poor Expos, I have finally picked a new team to cheer for.

Let me tell you - this was no easy decision.

When you are born and raised by a ball-playing family in a ball-playing town you don't have much of a choice but to cheer for the team that your dad and your grandma cheer for. Especially when your dad slaps a 'Spos cap on your head before you can even swing a bat.

But now my team is defunct and I live in a town that doesn't even have enough people to pack out left field, let alone an entire ball stadium.

Now, I have enough trouble in the Shoppers Drugmart aisle trying to decide between Pert Plus and Herbal Essences. And now I have to choose which baseball tradition I will inevitably pass down to my kids?

I could have made it easy on myself and, claiming patriotic duty, simply switched to cheering for the Blue Jays.

And then I remembered that the Blue Jays play for Toronto.

My second option was to follow my 'Spos straight to Washington and cheer for the Nationals. But, despite my point blank rejection of the only remaining Canadian team, that just seemed a little bit too ... umm ... American for me. Especially when they left Youppi at the border and introduced Screech the EAGLE as their mascot. Eugh.

So then I thought that I would choose the team that had the most Canadian-born players. Which left me with Baltimore, Philly and Kansas City, all tied at a whopping two. No dice.

I guess I could have just put all the team names into a hat and drawn one. But that's not my style. (Unlike my husband, who would rock, paper, scissors for just about anything, from what to have for dinner to what to name our children).

My style is more like this: I scoured the rosters to see what teams had Canadians playing for them. Then I narrowed it to only National league teams. Then I ran that list against the overall World Series standings, looking for an underdog. Then I cut that to teams that were in the northeast (or close).

And then it suddenly became clearer than day. How did I not see this three years ago? I was meant to cheer for this team. Helllllooooo .... !

Ummm .... Michelle Bartleman ... MILWAUKEE BREWERS! Duh!

The Crew has been calling my name this whole time:

Other deal-sealers:

  • The manager is a former Expo, as is the pitching coach and three of the current players
  • They used to be the Seattle Pilots, which is both geographically and vocationaally relevant
  • The lone Canadian player is from Montreal
  • Ummm ... hello ... brewers? Beer? How Canadian is that?
  • And the clincher: they have an outfielder named Corey Hart.

And THAT's how you choose a ball team - Michelle style.

Go Crew!