September 06: Note to Self: Don't put your loofah in the dryer.

  • Posted on: 7 September 2008
  • By: Michelle

If you have a loofah, a favourite one that is bright orange, fluffy yet firm and reliable, and if one day you are taking a shower and while employing the loofah for its intended purpose, a large crane fly interrupts your activities and you inadvertently swipe at said insect with said loofah, and if after the conclusion of your bathing activities, in one creepy, shiver-inducing moment you discover the drowned, crushed carcass of a certain crane fly entangled in your recently employed loofah, and if, after taking a second shower, you decide to try and salvage your beloved loofah by throwing it in the wash ... in the interest of all parties involved, it would be prudent to hang dry the loofah.

Let's just say that the combination of loofah and clothes dryer is comparable to that of Barbie and hair dryer.

Sigh ... I must now gather my strength and courageously face a loofahless life.