JAN.24 | Let's talk about something here: This wallet

  • Posted on: 24 January 2009
  • By: Michelle


OK, so as we were waiting for the awards ceremony in St.Moritz to start, rumours were floating around that they gave out designer handbags to the women. Sure enough, we could see the awards table from afar, with some bags sitting on top, next to a pile of what appeared to be puffy vests for the men.

And I was like, oh great, a purse, just what I always wanted. The guys get a wicked puffy vest, and I am going to get a purse? It's probably going to be pink too.

Now you should have seen Lanette ... she was eyeing those handbags like they were little puppies that she couldn't wait to pick up and cuddle. For her third-place finish, she got this (OK ... even I will admit it ... ) totally sweet, red handbag (notice how I can't bring myself to call it a purse ... )

I am pretty sure I could hear her giggling with delight from the podium ...


So then I go up to get my fifth place award. The FIBT official presents me with my medal (which honestly I was delighted to accept ... they are much easier to pack than three-foot high glass trophies ... ) and he hands me a small box and says "For you, a handmade Swiss wallet."

Okay, cool ... a wallet ... well at the very least it gets me out of having to explain to people that I am most certainly not carrying a purse.

But, honestly, I have this wicked wallet that I bought in Austria two years ago. I love my Porsche wallet. I have to love it, for years to come, because it cost most than any amount of cash I could possibly even fit in the wallet. So, really, what am I going to do with another wallet?

After the ceremony I try to convince a few of the guys that they want to trade their puffy vests for my wallet, but there are no takers.

And I am thinking, well, it was a very nice gesture by the race organizers, I guess I will tuck it away, or regift it, or who knows.

Until the next day, when we are walking around St.Moritz and Lanette spots my wallet in the window of one of the shops. With a price tag on it, that, well ... let's just say this wallet wasn't made in china.

So .... ummm ... good thing I didn't trade my awesome new wallet for some stupid puffy vest.