FEB.16 | Introducing The Right Honourable M. Chat Le Meow Turbo Schrodinger I

  • Posted on: 17 February 2009
  • By: Michelle

Once upon a time we had two cats.


The first was a small, stubborn green-eyed tabby named Tikos, whom we got from the shelter in Anchorage just after we were married. She was (and is) a cat by every definition of the word. She does what she wants, when she wants, how she wants. She is also scared of anything that moves, breathes, walks, crawls, twitches, makes a noise or is bigger than she. Needless to say, Jay and her don't get along very well.


The second was a huge, cross-eyed, Siamese Tabby mix named Psycho, who was the antithesis of Tikos. He was so laid back that we could vacuum him. Psycho was actually our foster cat, who was entrusted to our care when my old roommate left to take a teaching job in Japan.


Just an FYI ... if you are thinking about fostering a cat with us, maybe reconsider. Poor Psycho, who, while not particularly brilliant, was at the very least persistent, finally convinced us, through various means that involved a potpourri of bodily fluids, to let him go outside and roam the yard at night. He loved it out there. Right up until that time he met a cougar.

So, we have one cat ...

After Psycho ... ummm ... left for the Great Cat Tree in the Sky, Tikos seemed a little despondent. She started hiding again, her appetite waned, she slept all day long. Even though they got off to a rough start, Psycho and Tikos were inseparable by the end, except for that part where he wanted to go out and play with the cougars, while she did not.

I have been trying to convince Jay for the past year that it would be nice to have a second cat to keep Tikos company. Apparently my persistence rivaled that of Psycho's (minus the involvement of bodily fluids) because we finally went to the local SPCA this weekend and brought home a new friend.

This is Schrodinger ...