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MAY 07 | Play ball! Use your glove if necessary ...

  • Posted on: 7 May 2009
  • By: Michelle


This summer I am playing softball with the Vancouver Women's Fastpitch League on a Division II team called the Mariners. I chose this team for obvious reasons: the team colours include teal.

So, Monday night was our first game ... let's go ahead and summarize in the three-pluses-three-negatives format that my sport psych makes me review each skeleton race with.

Which aspects of the game were you most happy with?

  • My jersey number is 1!
  • I did get a hit on my first time up to bat, regardless of driving it straight into the mitt of the first baseman.
  • I managed to catch a pop to left field, ending out the top of the second inning.

Which features of the game were you least happy with?

  • That time in the bottom of the third when I went up to bat with the bases loaded and two out, and struck out standing.
  • That time in the bottom of the fifth when I went up to bat with the bases loaded and two out, and struck out standing. Again. At least this time around I managed to tip off a few fouls and drag things out long enough to allow one of our players steal home.
  • That time when we were warming up for the game and I managed to catch the very first throw from a teammate. With my face.

Note to self. Gloves are much more effective tools for catching softballs than are teeth.

So yeah ... we were just going out to the field to toss the ball around and get our arms warmed up. It was, no joke, the very fist throw coming my way. The ball tipped off the top of my mitt and caught me square in the mouth. My first thought was "I just spent two years getting all my pearly whites all cleaned up and fixed, so there had better not be a busted tooth involved in this incident." My second thought was "How 'bout just catch the ball next time, moron."

No broken teeth, just a split lip, which has since turned into a bruise that makes me look like a three-year-old who recently drank a glass of grape Koolaid and didn't wipe her mouth. Hot.