JUL. 31 | An Event!

  • Posted on: 3 August 2009
  • By: Michelle

There is nothing I like better than an Event, with a capital E.

Well ... maybe bath time. And Christmas morning. Oh, and SWAG.

Regardless, I love a good Event. I love being in the thick of things, being where the action is ... hanging out with, you know, 400 000 of my closest friends ...


Saturday night Jay and I headed down to Vancouver to take in the last of the "Celebration of Lights" fireworks festival. The festival has a bit of a different feel here in Van than it does in Montreal, where people are spread out along both sides of the river. In Vancouver ... well, let's just say that you will likely get more friendly with the people standing next to you than you ever hoped for. No joke, hundreds of thousands of people gather on the beaches at English Bay. It's one of those crowds that, well, you have to be standing in the middle of it to understand it's magnitude.

Now, given that my better half does not share the same penchant as I do for getting cozy with half a million strangers, we formed a (Deb, are you seated for this ... ) ... plan.

Jay and I decided to drive down to North Vancouver and take the seabus over, in order to avoid every potential nightmare that comes along with a couple hundred thousand people's cars combined with a city whose main access is by means of bridges. Then we walked the dozen or so blocks across downtown Vancouver, down to the water front. We decided to try watching the show from one of the bridges that looks directly over the inlet, and that was rumoured to have a great view, as well as a smaller crowd to negotiate with.

We left Squamish with three hours to spare, and had front row spots on the Burrard bridge reserved by 9 pm, with an hour to kill before the lights came on.


The only flaw in the plan was that my taxi-cab yellow, 1980s Sony Sport Walkman didn't pick up the radio station that was broadcasting the music for the show. Bummer. Hey Apple ... hows about throwing a little 20th century technology into your gadgets ... ?

Ahhhhh .... the wonders of a well-thought-out and executed plan ... who knew an Event could go this smoothly? (Let me tell you, not me and the two dozen people I tried to herd to dinner and the Montreal fireworks within the span of an hour the week before I got married. Nor the German cousin and company that I tried to get across the border and down to Seattle for a ball game with a 10-minute buffer. Yeah. Note to self - mother-in-law is right. It's never too early to start planning. Or to start executing.)

Rumours checked out ... the view was pretty great.