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About ...

My name is Michelle. I was born in Montreal. I have a two one cat and a lot ... a few ... no guppies ... some floating glass fish. I have been to Timbuktu. I love to laugh. I am an unapologetic night owl. I graduated from the University of Alaska. My favorite colour is Rocky Mountain River Teal, followed closely by Burnt Orange and Razzmatazz. I like to watch Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report and The Big Bang Theory. I have my commercial pilot's license and my flight instructor rating. I speak French, and enough German to either get me in trouble or get me a beer. I can say "I have a wedgie" in Spanish, Romanian and Russian. I hate breakfast. I wore Chuck Taylors at my wedding. I race in the sport of skeleton and am greeted regularly with the phrase "You are crazy" because of this. I don't like seafood, specifically shellfish. I competed in NCAA college gymnastics. After much begging and pleading, I got a middle name from my parents for Christmas when I was thirty. I like Mona Lisa Smile, The Astronaut Farmer and Star Wars, as well as any sports or Will Ferrell movie. Vin Diesel tops my "Hottest Actors" list. I think Queen Latifah is straight up awesome. I am the oldest of four kids. And the shortest. I cheer for the Montreal Alouettes, the Montreal Canadiens, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Vancouver Canadians and, if forced to pick a basketball team, the Utah Jazz. I don't wear heels. Ever. I like my ears. Once I barfed purple after drinking grape juice on the way to a ballet recital when I was seven. I am currently not particularlypartial to theological and philosophical conversations lasting so late into the night that it is morning no matter when. I hate mushrooms, onions and pretty much all cooked vegetables. I rarely miss an episode Saturday Night Live. I cannot cook or crochet, but I can bake and sew. I am notoriously proficient at starting new projects, and equally adept at not finishing them. I like Abba, The BeeGees and Great Big Sea, but as of January 2009 my all-time favorite musician is a German hip-hop artist named Peter Fox as of June 2009 my all-time favourite band is a German pop duo called Ich + Ich, followed very closely by a German hip-hop artist named Peter Fox. I didn't realize I was a hip hop fan until I was thirty. I hated turning thirty. I cry during Olympic TV commercials. I love to eat at Dagwood's in Montreal, Benihana in Anchorage, Scala's Bistro in San Francisco and The Burrow The Copper House Restaurant in Squamish. I own four five six a conglomeration of different versions of Trivial Pursuit. I hate Monopoly. I compulsively rearrange my furniture on a fairly regular basis. I have participated in three sports that involve spandex. I can eat Sour Soothers until my tongue bleeds. And then eat more. I am a firm believer in proper punctuation, spelling and grammar. I walked down the aisle to the Star Wars theme song. I take a lot of baths. No, I mean A LOT. I love bags. I hate purses. I despise pink. I am a terrible singer. I never tire of airports, airplanes or airplane food. It wasn't until my third year of racing skeleton that I truly fell in love with the sport. I don't buy anything new unless it is handmade, consumable or underwear. I love sushi, as long as there is no fish in it.

What is Ivory Nova?

Umm, it's my wrestling name. Duh.