SEP. 18 - 2010 Squamish Garage Sailing Circuit: Week 15-16

  • Posted on: 19 September 2010
  • By: Michelle

Week 16 - September 18


Summary: Okay, today marks one of the best (read, mostly illogical, and, moreover, completely futile when battling my honed Garage Sailing Negotiation Tactics ... ) responses I have ever received to one of my initial bartering offers.

I picked up this novel, read the back and decided it might be a fun read. Now, given my extensive Garage Sailing experience, I can assure you that books at yard sales generally go for a quarter, or possibly 50 cents, or, if it's a hardback, maybe a dollar. But this one was marked up to an absurd two dollar price point. There was also a scarf I like, initially priced at a dollar. So I made an offer of the two for a buck.

The proprietor looked a little taken aback, and after gathering her composure, made this point: "But ... that's a really good book!"

Really? Your counter offer is "That is a really good book!" ? No offense (a statement which, in itself, inherently insinuates that, according to my calculations, you're a doorknob, and as such carries a built-in implication of offense ... ), but this is a garage sale, not the NHL draft.

My counter offer was "OK. I'll go get it at the library."

So, then I gave her my loonie and left with my book and scarf.

I am assuming that, if this book sucks, I can take it back back to her, and request a refund ...

The tally:

  • Gold picture frame for my post-modern, Euro-chic, French Provincial themed bedroom ($2)
  • Scarf and book ($1 cents)

Total: $3


Week 15 - Sep 11

Summary: We're definately coming down to the end of the season. Good thing my Garage Sailing Partner-in-Crime's sister was having a sale this week ...


The tally:

  • Kettle, grater, organic cotton tee ($5)
  • Vaccuum attachment (25 cents)
  • Mini crib board with metal pegs (free - well, I weasled it into one of Kirsten's deal piles, and got away with it ... )

Total: $5.25

In case you are wondering, I somehow managed to destroy my last kettle, while, uh ... boiling water. I use the adverb/emphatic "somehow" as though I am surprised and wondrous at this kitchen calamity.

I am not.

Nor should you be.