MAY. 17 | 2011 Squamish Garage Sailing Circuit: Week 1

  • Posted on: 18 May 2011
  • By: Michelle

Summary: OK. So. To be completely honest, this isn't TECHNICALLY the first garage sailing weekend of the 2011 Season. There is a slight possibility that I may have sourced out a one or two several garage sales in Squamish back in early April late March before I left for France. OK. And it's also possible that I might have figured out the French variation of garage sales ("Vide Grenier" or "Empty Attic" are big, scheduled community events where people back their car up to a designated area and lay out whatever trinkets that have been stashed in their attics for years and they are trying to sell ... ). OK, and I might have gone to one or two garage sales the day after I got back from France ...

Let's just chalk all that up to pre-season training ...

So. I think this season opened up quite satisfactorally. Because I actually went to the bank and got a twenty out before, but managed to spend only the change in my pocket.


This week I got this wicked new CD. Has anyone ever heard of this band called Bon Jovi? I LOVE them! Man, you guys should totally check them out. If only they had been around when I was in high school ...

The tally:

  • Esprit shirt ($2)
  • Pots ($2) - now I can stop cooking my spaghetti in a wok because my one pot is heating up the sauce ...
  • Two candles ($0.50)
  • Baseball ($0.25)
  • Metal organizing bin and Bon Jovi CD ($1)

Total: $5.75