MAY. 29 | 2011 Squamish Garage Sailing Circuit: Week 3

  • Posted on: 1 June 2011
  • By: Michelle

Summary: Well, if last week was slim pickins', then this week the lord of they-who-seek- driveway-bargains was smiling upon us, and the heavens opened and rained down showers of garage sale blessings into our grateful hands.

I think we hit close to 20 sales this week, and let me tell you, those community cooperation gigs (i.e. one ad in the newspaper = an entire block of driveways hemorrhaging deals onto the street) did not hurt efforts.

Let's just say that when my partner-in-crime (who, on average, brings home three times the number of treasures that I do) and I were done this week, we might have called to order the first meeting of the Garage Sale Purchases Evasive Maneuvers Tactical Committee, to discuss exactly how we were going to transfer her goods from my car to various locations in her house, without either one of us being reprimanded. Remind me to refine our techniques for next week.

So here's the goods ...


But wait ... that's not all! This one was apparently in the bathroom when I took the group shot.


Also, there's a jug of windshield wiper fluid still in the car (What do you mean "Who buys windshield wiper fluid at garage sales?" I do. Obviously.) that I was too lazy to involve in the group shot.

But wait ... that's not all! Yous better all go to a garage sale to buy a new chair, and then sit down on it before I reveal the Find of the Week.

First, let me introduce you to, none other than, my long-term Garage Sailing Partner-in-Crime and Find of the Week finder (who insisted on being identified personally and publicly, for what she estimates to be the greatest Garage Sale find of all time). THIS is Kirsten, aka BFF by default, since that time Hadley tried to take me on a run. (For the record, it is pronounced K-EER-sten. And if you can't remember that, then you don't care enough to be her friend and you can f... uh ... take your leave. I have taken my leave many times.)


In case you are wondering, that is either a glass of organic apple juice lovingly pressed by a class of Waldorf school children during their afternoon handwork session and sold at the May Fair to raise funds for alternative forms of education. Or it's a big-ass piña colada. You figure it out.

Incidentally, the Where's Waldo scarf was one of last year's garage sale finds. Incidentally to the previous incident, it was one of MY last year's garage sale finds. I would revoke her BFF status for stealing my awesome scarf, and give it back to Hadley, except that sometimes I still mispronounce her name, and the scarf generally keeps me in the clear. And also this ...


Yep, this blue and plum Oakley wool jacket with lemon and gold highlights was something K-EER-sten dug off a rack at our very last garage sale on the circuit this weekend. She subsequently handed it to me, and said "Here. Put this on." When it comes to Kirsten and clothes, I don't question. Once I had put it on, she said "I hate you." Followed by "You are buying that. You don't have a choice." And that was the end of that discussion. I'm okay with the outcome. Maybe someone will give me a job now. Of course, they will be sorely disappointed when I show up on the first day wearing board shorts and a hoody that doesn't match and haven't brushed my hair.

The tally:

  • Oakley jacket: $5 (+ Family Tree book and bottle of Pantene De-frizz Cream thrown into the deal. Yes. I know it's weird to get toiletry products from garage sales. But first, what gave you any impression that you were going to find normal around here? Second, who ELSE is going to take them home? They are just going to end up in the dump. See? I'm a hero. Also, most of the time they are free.)
  • Hat: $0.50
  • Windsheild wiper fluid: 2 bottles for $0.75 (K-EER-sten owes me 37.5 cents for the one she got)
  • Three Ikea shoe cabinets: $7
  • Mousepad and sparkly euro-weird bracelet/brain puzzle and book: $1
  • Black feather cushion for couch and Tori + Guy hair straightener: $1
  • Ceramin coffee mug and capri pants and secret gift #1: $2 (Now you will forever wonder, did Michelle get my birthday present at a garage sale for a quarter?)
  • 2 patterns: Free
  • Secret gift #2: $1
  • A pillow of extreme refluffability: $1

Total: $19.25