Garage Sailing

AUG. 24 | 2010 Squamish Garage Sailing Circuit: Week 10-14

  • Posted on: 25 August 2010
  • By: Michelle

Week 10 - July 24

Summary: Slim pickings today, but I was on a mission. My job was to find something AMAZING for my new BFF enjoiElise. Our entire friendship is premised on the assumption that I will teach her to spell "enjoy" properly one day. Oh, and that I procure her WICKED items at garage sales. (Since she is busy selling shirts with tassles to cowboys at the mall on weekends, she must garage sail vicariously through me).


JUL. 03 | 2010 Squamish Garage Sailing Circuit: Week 9

  • Posted on: 6 July 2010
  • By: Michelle

Mannnnnn ... was it ever slim pickins' this week ... apparently everyone in Squamish was taking a long weekend to celebrate USA day, and booted it out of town. We found about four garage sales total, and they were for the most part, uhhh, less than stellar (i.e. a lot of VHS tapes and several copies of Windows 98 manuals ... )

Regardless, I did make one absolutely fabulous find, and one perfectly adequate find, both at the same place ...



JUN. 26 | 2010 Squamish Garage Sailing Circuit: Week 8

  • Posted on: 26 June 2010
  • By: Michelle

Summary: Yeah, yeah, been out of touch for awhile, so I'm just skipping ahead to week 8 with full details. But if you are really that desperate to find out what I got during weeks 1-7 of the 2010 Squamish Garage Sailing Season, don't get your knickers in a knot, I remembered to take pictures of my weekly wares.

Okay, so today was a nice, sunny day, and the driveway stashes were ripe for the picking.



JUN. 19 | 2010 Squamish Garage Sailing Circuit: Weeks 1-7

  • Posted on: 18 June 2010
  • By: Michelle

Week 01 - April 24

Summary: Opening Week of the 2010 Garage Sailing
Circuit, on a predictably rainy Saturday morning. The options were slim, but it was good to warm up my negotiating muscles for the upcoming season.


The tally:

  • Airwalk boots ($1)
  • Flower-print cardboard drawers (25 cents)

Total: $1.25



JUL. 25 | 2009 Squamish Garage Sailing Circuit: Week 10

  • Posted on: 25 July 2009
  • By: Michelle

Summary: Well, after a few weeks hiatus from the circuit, I managed to convince my ever-compliant husband to hit the driveways with me this weekend, seeing as my regular partner-in-crime, Kirsten, is vacationing in tropical Manitoba.

As you may notice, the photo venue for garage sailing finds has changed - the setups are no longer on the kitchen butcher's block (an $8 garage steal-of-a-deal from last season) ... they will now occur on our new, five-dollar (haggled down from ten) living room coffee table: