May 26: Hugs, roses and pictures ... ahhhhh ... the pay is good!

  • Posted on: 27 May 2008
  • By: Michelle

Today I did two more presentations for Tobacco Free Sports here in Northern B.C.

The first was at St. Mary's Catholic School, a great little school with very well-behaved kids. When I saw the sign on the school, all I could think about was Molly Shannon's Saturday Night Live catholic school girl character Mary Katherine Gallagher. So after the presentation, when I went around to the classes and signed posters, I had to bite my lip when I asked a little girl what her name was and the answer was Mary Kate.

My second presentation was at Buckhorn School.

This is Buckhorn School:

This is Buckhorn:

Now, Buckhorn may not have much, but they do have a VERY ENTHUSIASTIC Junior Leadership Team:

When I got to the school these kids dove into action, setting up my computer and the sound system and the projector and getting me water. The Queen couldn't have gotten better treatment here!

Buckhorn wins the prize for most ENTHUSIASTIC group so far. I got two hugs, one rose and a handmade thank you out of the deal:

Buckhorn students are also well-versed in the art of persistance.

I have done seven speeches now, and by far my most popular question is "Can I have a t-shirt?" Well at Buckhorn there was a group of grade four girls who REALLY wanted a shirt. They asked for one during the presentation. They asked for one after the presentation. They asked for one while I was signing their posters. They asked for one after I signed their posters. One of the girls wanted a shirt so bad she even sent her friend over to ask me for one, cause you know the rules in the land of grade four girls: if your REALLY want something ... make your friend do it.

So finally, when all their classmates had left, and they were still huddled around me, begging for a t-shirt, I finally caved. There were four shirts left, and I had four girls in front of me. So I made then each recite Michelle's Patented Four Questions of Risk Management in exchange for a t-shirt. Then they INSISTED that I sign their shirts. So I signed each of their shirts, while several of them giggled with glee and exclaimed "THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!"

Well, yeah. A Tobacco Free Sports t-shirt signed by development skeleton athlete Michelle Bartleman? Who wouldn't be excited? Ahhh ... finally ... people who truly appreciate my splendour.

It occurred to me afterward that maybe they were just happy to get a free t-shirt.