May 29: Three more things regarding my Northern BC escapade

  • Posted on: 30 May 2008
  • By: Michelle

First, the University of Northern BC. HELLO?!? Wicked campus! So wicked I almost picked up a form so I could apply into the Bachelor of Arts in Nature-Based Tourism Management program and get myself a ... oh, I don't know what I'm up to now ... 17th ungrad degree.

At this point in the post, I would also like to offer a big kudos to the self-timer on my Canon PowerShot camera, for the cool shot it allowed me take of myself. Meanwhile the people of the UNBC community would like to offer a big kudos to the self-timer on my Canon PowerShot camera, for its entertainment value, available in ten-second episodes to anyone who happened to be driving by, two seconds of which consisted of me tip-toeing like a madman through the tulips, followed by eight seconds of me posing and grinning like an idiot into the wide, empty space.

Second, my final speech of the Northern BC tour was at Giscome School, on Tuesday afternoon. Thought Buckhorn was small?

Originally I was going to give my presentation to the grade four, fives and sixes. I offered to let the younger kids sit in, since the principal had mentioned that they would probably really enjoy it. I knew that it would be a big sacrifice on my part to accomodate the ENTIRE school, but you know ... it's for the children. I could make room for the grade ones, twos and thres. All nine of them.

Giscome School was a great end to a really fun trip ... I have found the smaller the school the bigger the appreciation. Yesterday two hugs and a rose. Today THREE hugs (mind you, they were all from the same six-year-old) and an entire bouquet of dandelions!

Lastly, I would like everyone to know that I FINALLY DID IT. It's taken me a good ten years of regular traveling, but I FINALLY DID IT:

I successfully packed light.

For once I was not the moron dragging several obviously over-sized carry-on items , thwonking every aisle-seat occupent in the head as I squeeze myself toward my seat and then putting in a full workout in an attempt to shove my gear into the already-full overhead compartments.

Instead, I checked in ONE underweight bag, then skipped down the airplane aisle with my laptop and not-purse, which I quickly and easily slid under the seat in front of me.

Then I took my seat, tuned in the local news on my personal seat-back TV and settled in to watch the latest news: a report that hell had apparently frozen over.