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Sep. 23 About to find out what really happens in Vegas ...

  • Posted on: 6 October 2010
  • By: Michelle

My toes are painted, the most scandalous clothes I own are packed and my pennies are ready ...


Yes. I am really bringing all the pennies from my penny jar (I conveniently have about 3 kilos of American pennies collected over six years of living in Alaska ... ) to use in the penny slots.

And yes. It's true that the most scandalous clothes I own is limited to a full-coverage push-up bra, a slightly low cut v-neck T-shirt and a really long tank top that could possibly pass as a dress.

And yes. I did photoshop my toes since I haven't waxed my legs for my trip yet. In case you were wondering. It now crosses my mind that you probably were not.