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Forget therapy, here's a wrench that should take care of this nut

  • Posted on: 5 December 2011
  • By: Michelle


Today we ran into the Norwegian equivalent of Canadian Tire to grab some acetone and some obscenely oversized wrenches.

My first question ... what bolt is this wrench endeavouring to tighten? All I can picture is some construction worker building a skyscraper ... "Hey Bjorn, the building's leaning a little to the left - can you check to see if that big bolt that holds it together is tight?"

My second question ... why exactly does this local Norwegian hardware store feel it is absolutely necessary to keep obscenely oversized wrenches in stock for immediate customer possession? "Haarvgard, it is essential that we sell 20cm wrenches. What if the bolts on new skyscraper in Hunderfossen come loose?"

My final question ... who the hell is buying this? "Oh, yeah, Snergen, it's loose, but I don't have the right wrench in my toolbox. I was going to pick one up when I stopped at Oppbevaringsekers on the way home from work to get a plug for the kitchen sink and some Christmas wrapping paper. I'm sure they'll have one in stock. "