Strutting my stuff

A photo gallery of the things you see out of the pilots window, including, but not limited to, my strut.


MAY 2011 - First time I have been out flying since a biennial review in September 2009, and before that, since I left Alaska.Gotta be honest, it did wet my appetite a bit.

JULY 2005 | A plane landing at Merrill Field was taxiing after landing when his landing gear collapsed. I was rerouted to land on a different runway.

JUNE 2005 | My coolest strut picture to date. This is a forest fire just south of Skilac Lake.

JUNE 2005 | Same fire, other direction. You can see the flames.

JUNE 2005 | This was several hours later. The fire was still going and the smoke cause a low layer.

June 2005 | This is Skilac Lake. Look closely - you can see the reflection of the smoke from the fire.

JUNE 2005 | This is looking up Turnagain Arm. One day I will stop flying past it and turn the damn plane to fly up it.

JUNE 2005 | This is a glacier running out of the Harding Ice field. I actually did turn the damn plane and flew up this valley and across the ice field.

JUNE 2005 | See? I told I turned the plane and went up to the ice field.

JUNE 2005 | Did you think I was lying? The Harding Ice Field from 7500 feet. The peaks in the picture are at about 6000 feet.

JUNE 2005 | Still the Harding Ice Field.

JUNE 2005 | This strut photo is dedicated to my mom. The lake is called Barabara Lake. Okay, so it's not Barbara, but it's pretty damn close, and everyone up here calls it Barbara Lake because they don't look at the chart closely enough to realize there is an extra "a" in the name. I bet if I hadn't said anything, you'd all have throught it was my mom's namesake too. So there.

JUNE 2005 | Anchorage from the east. That's all.

JUNE 2005 | It doesn't get much better than this. This is Lake Clark, just after flying through Lake Clark Pass. Who wouldn't want to plunk a little cabin down on one of those islands, strap floats to a plane and move to the middle of nowhere?

JUNE 2005 | My first time in the clouds, returning from King Salmon to Anchorage, just south of Illiamna.

JUNE 2005 | This is Lake Clark pass. The stripes are from glacier run offs.

JUNE 2005 | Ever wonder what just south of Nenana, Alaska looks like at 2:30 a.m.? This is it.

MAY 2005 | This is Windy Pass on the way to Fairbanks. There is another mountain at my other wingtip, and it's like a gate through to the Tanana Valley.

MAR 2005 | On the way to Nome, Alaska. This is officially the middle of nowhere. Forget Timbuktu - I've been there, and this is way more nowehere than Timbuktu.